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To People finders,

1. *CFK*PEOPLEFINDERS 800-​7188997 CA USD 24.95

I was never aware that you are authorised to deduct this monthly amount. 14.April 2015 was the latest illigal deduction

With immediate effect stop this deduction and refund any monthly deductions that you have made unauthorised.


2. I tried to send complaint to them. Their contact us site says fill in all lines which I did but it did not accept my message. ii.e. no feedback to them is possible.

3. What do I do next?

4. I asked my visacard issuer to stop honouring this payment request from people finders.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $25.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Wtf used this site once and I’ve been charged 6 times now. I want my money back.


(800) 718-8997 I called and they refunded me without a problem.


I signed up for 5 day trial. I never gave company to take money out of my account the next day after signing up for trial. I want my money put back in my bank.


I didn't authorize money to be taken from my account


We were being charged 2 times per month for a reverse phone number look up that was supposed to cost 48 cents. We looked for an address and when we accepted the 95 cent charge we established another account!!!

I wrote a report to the Better Business Bureau.

I also called CFKPeoplefinder and told them that I was doing so. They had other complaints!!


Im being charged 24.95 for something i never purchased


Was going threw my bank statements and noticed I had 5 different transaction taken out in the past two months that I had no idea they were even taken out because I don't know what this site is. You can email me at


How to I get my refund ? They keep taking off my card


I did not authorize the 24.99 that was taken of of my Visa either and the service is garbage, you don't get anykind of information that. I was looking for unless you give them a whole, whole bunch of money total.

Bullcrap, and I better get. The 24.99, I cause I am pissed


Delete this account from my Visa card I do not use this I do not want charged for something I do not use

Take it off



I wasn't aware that this site take money from my card every month, So stop deducting money from my card because I am not using this site, that was a one time thing and i thought you guys only take money once but now all the time. So stop deducting money from my card.


i got no money for this the 24.99for today

Feasterville Trevose, Pennsylvania, United States #1333618

They are doing the same thing to me, taking $24.95 out of my account that I did not authorize. I'm having it stopped.

The service was supposed to be free! What a rip off scam!

Los Angeles, California, United States #1323226

You need to file a transaction dispute with your bank.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1310576

Iv tried repeatedly to stop this deduction from my cc and they refuse to do so!

New York, New York, United States #1303506

I just looked at my account and see 25 dollars was deducted without my knowledge


they have done the same thing to my account. Did you ever get it resolved? If so, what did you do to finally resolve it?


I think it's funny that all you people on here say that it wasn't authorized, but when you did it the one time, it clearly states that there's a monthly fee! READ THE FINE PRINT!!!

to Anonymous Chandler, Arizona, United States #1331714

They have no contact number on their website for cancelling. I can't get back to that page. There is only an email input form.

to Anonymous #1477804

yeah but how do they get your credit card information if it was never given to them

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