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I used Peoplefinders.com to find a phone number for me.I was under the impression it was only going to cost $0.95.

They ended up charging me and extra $0.95 to email it to me and then a hidden charge of $24.95 for not canceling a trial I did not know I had. When I called them to ask politley and nicely after I said I was happy with their service but wanted the charges I did not use or want or know of to be taken off, they said it was completely impossible. I called my credit card company to dispute the unautorized charge so we shall see if they can do anything for me. I hate it when people are devious.

SHAME ON YOU PEOPLEFINDERS!Where is your integrity?

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Madison, Mississippi, United States #1286054

Peoplefinders.com are a fraudglant company and need to be stopped! Don't ever do anything with them!!!!!! A total scam!!!


They took 25 .00 and said itb7 days free trail if I like or money back and put in credit card I can deliberately before 7 days if I don't like it but I haven't use it and it. Not 7th yet 2 More days thy just took my money from my card without I knobim theybbwrong and I want my money back thank u

Schenectady, New York, United States #1015136

same thing i was charged.95cents. then today on my credit card statement i was charged 24.95 this is cray and you cant get your money back

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1001430

Peoplefinders.com are a fraudglant company and need to be stopped! They put peoples lives in danger.


Its unbelievable they get away with it, 3 days!with a busy schedule if you miss their email you are screwed.

99 cents turned out to be the most expensive 99 cents I ever spent.

peoples finder hung up on my bank representative when she asked for supervisor to dispute.CROOKS

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #951732

I signed up for the .95 unlimited 3 day trial.You can cancel in three days or they bill you 24.95.

Nearly every number I did a reverse lookup on came back as "no information". This is a total scam.

I cancelled immediately and will watch my credit card account closely.

I was in such a hurry I feel *** for not first searching for reviews on peoplefinders.Lesson learned!

Seminole, Florida, United States #949777

is not honest There info is very outdated likes years.I had family members DEAD that showed as living 5 yrs later.

Save your money go somewhere else.same trial trick its called switch and bait


use debit cards, go to bank, file complaint, get money back immediately, unless you did have a contract, they got to fight you in court!

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #835474

they still operate and doing the same scamming.they took 24.95 from my debit card even though I canceled the payment, I saw it while checking my money.

now I'm trying to call but I get no signal on my phone to speak to someone to dispute the payment.

how can this company operate for years through scamming and nothing is getting done?I personally don't know who to call to get them in court, but maybe you guys know.


@ honestperspective - the only reason you used this service was to get a private number. Otherwise you wouldn't need this service. Stalker.

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