Daingerfield, Texas

i signed up for what i thought was a $.95 charge for a distant relative's telephone number, only to find out that i had incurred a $24.95 per month obligation to peoplefinder com! i called when i received the first $24.95 chargeand was told it would be cancelled...only to find yet another $24.95on my next month's statement.

fortunantely my card issuing bank has refunded my charges. but i want everyone to know peoplefinders.com is a

scam and irreptuable entity. be warned!

the company and it's policies shoulc be avoided at all costs!

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I had the exact same experience but I was much stupider. I check my bank account each month, but somehow these charges did not stand out...

for two years! The ended up extracting $1200 from me.

East Hartford, Connecticut, United States #653437

Why cant people make money honestly, i dont have the time to waste on theis site anymore, all i can say is AVOID them, avoid them, total scam and i am working with my bank to hoepfully get these charges reversed. I have had to cancel my card and have to spend time without my card, total inconvenience.


If you’re reading these posts you’ve either been ripped off by these *** artists or you’re thinking about using their services. Take our advice; avoid these people like the plague.

Their site is designed to trick you into services you don’t want or need. The data is outdated by at least ten years, most information you can get free off the Internet.

Get on their bad side and you will have a new definition for rude. Don’t be fooled, stay away from them.


The same thing happened to me in July of this year. fraudalent charging for sure.

I thought it was only going to cost 1.95. What a scam.


PeopleFinders.com is a total scam!! Attempting to help out a family member, I paid $50 for a "complete background check." Once the transaction was processed, they then ran 4 seperate advertisements about "trail memberships" & additional emailed report costs associated.

Simply unreal.

I contacted my back immedietly after reading these blogs & many others. Stay away from PeopleFinders.com!!


Never requested so-called membership. Next time I review my AMEX credit card report there is a charge for $74.85. Never requested or signed-up for this service.AMEX says as I have let it go for 3 months,I am stuck with the rip-off cost.



Paid $1.95 to find out a number. Got no number, but got charged

Gove City, Kansas, United States #446122

I used people finders to look up a number that showed up on caller ID with no name attached. It said it was only 99 cents for a 1 time lookup. I tried that option and suddenly I found that $24.95 was taken from my debit card. I called them and they told me that I did the same thing in december of last year and that they gave me a courtesy refund. They had also said that the "next page" on their website gave an option not to be charged for a monthly membership. I do not recall calling them in December but they say the same thing happened.

My question is this... IF I had done that and the option on the "next page" was easy to find, then why would I be calling for the same exact thing? I am not blind and I do not breeze through something whete my money is concerned.

People finder gives misleading information on their site and attempt to lock you into a membership fee which is monthly to boot!!

My suggestion to ANYone who reads this is to NOT USE PEOPLE FINDER! They creatively fashion their site to give them the upperhand and deviously steal your money. BEWARE OF PEOPLE FINDER!!!!


The exact same thing happened to me!!! Is there anyway to attach these reviews to their ACTUAL site so people going on the site know what frauds they are???


I am having the exact same experience


They have repeatedly called me to confirm my email address for the purchase I made...I made no purchase!


People finder is a joke. On 1st check they had my wife living in places she never did, and then up to the hilarious "aka" of which all were male names.


I got the exactly the same thing. Fortunately my credit card company is fully aware of this scam and immediately reverted the charges.

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