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They have a lot of balls charging my credit card account for something that was supposed to be ONLY .95c (cents).

I do not, did not and will not become a member for an unauthorized $24.95 a month.

Their web site is deceiving and quite frankly, unprincipled and typical of the deceitful manner in which it is designed.

My intention to use the service for .95 cents and not to be scammed into a lifetime of payments.

It is internet organizations such as People Finders that have degraded the services that other principled business attempt to provide.

I am now spending numerous hours of my time trying to get this unauthorized amount removed and the charges refunded.

How convenient of People Finders to provide a complete terms and conditions policy to the credit card companies but not on their web site.

There is NO document that you can accept or decline like most reputable Internet companies.

Never would I suspect that a .95 cent enticement fee would turn into a life time of payments at $24.95 a month.



I am not sure of the New Jersey laws that would protect us regarding this scam but you can be assured that this email correspondence will make it to the NJ Attorney Generals office and any other State that would deem the activity of People Finders as deceitful at best.

You may also find this complaint on; and others.

I am suggesting that if this has happened to you get in touch with the attorney generals office in your State and put pressure on these sleaze balls.

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YOU are at fault.. read the contract, instead of getting excited at a "good deal" -- dduuhhhh!!


That image you showed says that the $.95 price includes a membership.

You can see that the regular price is $1.95. If you chose the $.95 option, then you did sign up for a membership.

You weren't deceived, you just didn't pay attention to what you signed up for to get.

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