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To People finders, 1. *CFK*PEOPLEFINDERS 800-​7188997 CA USD 24.95 I was never aware that you are authorised to deduct this monthly amount. September 30, 2016 was the latest illigal deduction With immediate effect stop this deduction and refund any monthly deductions that you have made unauthorised. Thanks 2. I tried to send complaint to them. Their contact us site says fill in all lines which I did but it did not accept my message. ii.e. no... Read more

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They are a rip off and I am assuming that they use our information to populate their data base. We need to go after them. Thier information is so out of date it is pitiful. They also refuse a refund. I am contacting my credit card company. OK I say again, don't ever us e these people they are cheats and rip offs, no good. Let's do a class action against them. It is time that they are no longer able to do this to people. Their data is old, old,... Read more

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Used a service one month ago cancel immediately all still in trial phase. 1 month later was billed cancelled check try to login to confront unable to login unrecognized email and all their documentation is sent to the very email they say does not exist when you push on customer service tab on site nothing happens total scam beware

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I filled out your opt out form 3 times and have yet to receive an e-mail verifying my identity or have my information removed. I don't want to have to take this issue to the State Attorney General or to my private attorney. Everyone is entitled to privacy or they need to be compensated for use of their information, as we are aware that you sell our information to other sites. I have attempted to remove my information a number of times - your opt... Read more

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Incorrect information and it only sends you the right name and age to other sites you have to pay for

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Same thing happened to me on Sept. 15, 2016. This company is based in Sacramento, California, and the State Attorney General should prosecute this company for fraud. When I called this company about this problem they told me that I can cancel my annual membership charges, which I never signed up for in the first place, by going to their website, and choosing the option to cancel my membership, but no such option exists on their site. After... Read more

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I also do not want this deducted from my MasterCard account Stio now DOequignot area no MT162210113000010040792

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The only thing "free" in their "free search is their chance to advertise their services. Oh, well the other thing that is free is the amount of free time you will waste trying to get an answer from them. No thanks. Dishonest. It's a lie to offer to provide a service for free and then not deliver, instead suggesting that you are delivering right up to the last moment of a considerable amount you have taken of the possible customers time Its... Read more

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They say they have the most up to date information 'available'. What they have is nothing... I wanted to look up a person that has been around my children lately (as I know she has more than one record and is currently on probation), and they have 'NO INFO FOUND'. When I called customer service, the girl tells me that unless the agency has reported it yet, it wouldn't be on there... I checked our local 'who is in jail' website, and this person... Read more

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It appears I've been charged multiple times for a one time look up. Even if you do a one time look up it seems the charges come out without any email, snail mail, or notice of any sort. I wouldn't have known I was still being charged had I not looked at my bank statement. There should definitely have been a large print bold letter statement if they intended to automatically deduct money from my account. I don't have the extra cash to be spending... Read more

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